Private Music Instruction

RRCAA provides a full range of private instruction, beginner through advanced levels, offered for both youth and adults.  Days and times vary with the individual instructor.

Please call the RRCAA office at 440-428-5913 to schedule private music lessons. 

Note:  Fees for music instruction are due monthly by the first lesson of each month.  Rates vary per instructor and range from $15.00 – $22.00 per half hour lesson.  There is a $2 service fee when paying by credit card.

Private music lessons will be held both live and virtually the 2020-21 academic year.   It varies from instructor to instructor whether the lessons are live or virtual with many instructors offering both.

Debbie Inks, Beth Johnson, Danielle Jones, Emma Murphy

Greg Hillis, Marion Carrel

Mark Porostosky

B.J. Green, Linda Hazel, Debbie Inks, Jonna Mazza

B. J. Green

Viola/Suzuki Violin/Violin/Cello/Fiddle
Dr. Carol Linsenmeier

Marion Carrel, Carol Fleming Chenoweth, Danielle Jones, Ed Michaels, Tommie Wittmann

Age: All AgesSeasonal: Winter/Spring, Summer, FallLocation: RRCAA fine arts building, 49 Park St., Madison, OH and virtually