Dance Class Dress Code

Not sure what to wear to that new dance class for which you just registered?  Take a look below to see what is appropriate for each style of dance.

Hair must be pulled back for all classes and a bun is required for the higher ballet levels (Level 2 and up).

Creative Movement
Female:  Leotard, footless tight or leggings
Male:  Solid-colored t-shirt, shorts or sweat pants
Footwear:  Bare feet only 

Female:  Solid-colored leotard and tights
Male:  Solid-colored fitted t-shirt, male tights or leggings
Footwear:  Ballet shoes only 

Female:  Leotard (preferred) or fitted camisole top (must be dancewear), with jazz  pants/leggings/tights or bike shorts.  Regular athletic shorts are not permitted.
Male:  Leotard or solid-colored fitted t-shirt with jazz pants/leggings/bike shorts.  Athletic shorts not permitted.
Footwear:  Jazz shoes (preferred) or ballet shoes for jazz class; tap shoes required for tap class

Hip Hop
Male and female:  Yoga or running pants, t-shirt or tank top. 
Footwear:  Jazz sneakers