Ballet I

Young students take the skills acquired in Pre-Ballet and build on them.  All age levels continue to study at the barre as well as practice center work.  As students’ skill levels increase, they will be introduced to more complicated classical ballet steps and vocabulary.  Rhythmic accuracy, grace, movement retention and movement quality are emphasized.  Participants are expected to know basic foot/arm positions as well as basic ballet movements before joining these classes.

Ballet I will be taught as both a live class and a live virtual class this year.  When registering, please let the office know if the student will be attending the class live or virtually.  Limit for students attending the class live is 8.  Those who register for the class once it reaches the limit of 8 will automatically be enrolled as live virtual students.

THURSDAY:  5:30 – 6:15 p.m.
Instructor:  Novitsky
Class Limit:  8 students live, 4 students live virtual per class

Female:  Solid-colored leotard and tights
Male:  Solid-colored fitted t-shirt, male tights or leggings
Footwear:  Ballet shoes only

To register, call the RRCAA office at 440-428-5913.

Instructor placement
Jordan Novitsky
Location:  RRCAA and live virtual class