Hip Hop

The dancer will learn a wide variety of footwork, body isolations such as “Popping and Locking” and fluid rippling and the use of gesture.  There is a strong emphasis on individual style, rhythm and range of expression.

Hip Hop will be taught as both a live class and a live virtual class this year.  When registering, please let the office know if the student will be attending the class live or virtually.  Limit for students attending the class live is 8.  Those who register for the class once it reaches the limit of 8 will automatically be enrolled as live virtual students.

TUESDAY:  6:00 – 6:45 p.m.
Instructor:  Green-Hrutkay
Class limit:  8 students live, 4 students live virtual per class

To register click here or call RRCAA at 440-428-5913.

Ages 8 and up
Instructor:  Hannah Green-Hrutkay
Location:  RRCAA and live virtual class